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Zubrowska - C.o.v.e.d.

Albüm Adı:Family Vault
Iron with iron
Paper with paper
Plastic with plastic
Glasses with glasses
Keep Your Fucking Polystyrene!
We love us so much in our team
I quickly leap from my fuckin' truck
and run
Fuck off middle class you delay me
GO (bastard) DROWN (frustrated)
your kid in Fuckin' swimming pool
Bungle! Bungle! In your box
Fuck you with Your shit that I collect 4 coved
anyway this year we've got a Fucking
wonderful new truck
COVED! COVED Collects!
COVED! COVED Collects!
Even if it's strinky or dirty
Even if it's too cold or too hot
Don't wanna Flave up
A soldier with bins I am and I won't be!
But don't need to Flave up
Men you can worry
Soon we'll be back
Oh men you can worry
'cause I'm a garbage man

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