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Cryptic Wintermoon - W.a.r. (Without Any Regret)

Albüm Adı:Of Shadows... And Dark Things You Fear
Atmospheric electric – the hurricane is near
We carry on our soil – to get you all my dear
Heading straight on forward – but never out of sight
An egotrip rebellion – heavy armed delight

Hallowed or just hollow – imprisoned be the will
Maximize the coin machine – mass media overkill
Generation zero – sing for the deaf
Ubiquitous mindlock – always looking for the thrill

Feeding oil to the flames – the quest has just begun
Faster, harder, more and more – implicit faith will make you stun
Our trademark, Mr,Misbehaviour – we don't care whats right or wrong
Lack of common sense – now sanity is gone
Sanity is gone – sowing the wind to harvest the storm
Without any regrets – without any respect
More firepower – on all fronts
We take on everyone – we reconcile with everyone
Sowing the wind to harvest the storm – more firepower on all fronts
Manmade mirage – turning the words
Pull down the trigger – without any regrets

It's feeding time for the beasts of prey
Serving them their favourite meal
Reload your weapon systems – onwards without signs of fatigue
In need of mental values – we're here to gain control
Heading straight on forwards – we erase your thoughts
With methods oh so dirty – when all sex is sold
When all the sex is sold

Feeding oil to the flames – the quest is on the run
Without any regrets – without any respect – this what we have to do
Come on, follow us – we know we are right – without any regrets – we entertain tonight

We entertain tonight

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