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Accuser - The Slug

Albüm Adı:Taken By The Throat
Plastic visions
Caught your eyes
Where it's cold'n blue
Need a place to hide your mind

Or your brain's gonna explode
Burn your eyes
Burn your soul
Cut off your head
Who takes you home?
Got a reason to live
When you're headless?

Got a place to stay
When it's nameless?
Where's the brain,
The hope, the name?

Feel the pain and go insane

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The attitude stinks

As well as the tone

You only live once
The story's so old
The lazy slug
Talks a lot
Lives the nameless easy life
Crawling home

No alibi

No witness for the defense in sight

Life ain't that dramatic
Old-school dogmatists
Waste their time
With plastic visions
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