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After 7 - G.s.t.

Albüm Adı:Reflections
I wanna lay with you girl
and feel your body over me
give me a piece of your time
and I know that I`ll convince you to be mine
I`m gonna love ya, love ya so sweet
there is never a time you wont be sexually pleased
know how to work it
give what you need
even though I know you`v got insecurities
Girl if I give you good sex tonight
wont you stay, stay with me another night
and if I give you good sex tonight, can we make
make good love forever for all time (hook)
So baby lets get it on
undress that body come close to me

[ reklamı gizle ]
now baby
See how much and how long, I can groove you darlin
keep you warm
I see a lonely tear in your eye and
I know you not too sure about spendin the night.
wont let you leave me I`ll make it right
Cause I know just how to do ya and I`ll change your mind
Tekrar Hook
Tonight your my baby
we`re gonna make sweet love on and on
I`ll be lovin you crazy
we`re gonna sex it up tonight
share good love so right
and start all over again
Tekrar Hook 2X
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