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Allen & Lande - Judgement Day

I will try to understand all your intentions
It's a whole new world of strange interventions
Yet I am still drawn to it, still drawn to it

We are grown to understand more of freedom
While it leads us to what prices we have to pay
It's firing back on us, and this might be the day

You still wait for a sign, for the stars to realign
You still hope, you still pray, as you wake up Judgement Day

Yeah, wake up!

You've been hanging on to false explanations
From the oldest books that needed no questioning
After all you believe, you would be free, oh yeah

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I'm still standing here with facts, with a purpose
Trying to make you hear, need you to be listening
I am telling you, this might save you this time

[Chorus x2]

Ooh, as you wake up!
As you wake up Judgement Day!


[Chorus x2]

Wake up!
As you wake a Judgement Day!
Wake up! Wake up! Yeah! Wake up! Wake up!
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