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Anthrax - Medusa

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Endless curse, blood runs cold

Evil stare, will turn your flesh to stone

Land of doom, world of sin

All subside, don`t venture near

The island where she lives

Oh, she`ll suck you in

Destroyer of life, Demon

Oh I`m ready to strike, Gorgon

Serpents bride, the end awaits

Human prey, no swords or armor

Shield you from your fate

Hey you, you can`t escape

Wicked smile, full of lies

Head of snakes, approach her cave

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But don`t look in her eyes

Oh, her eyes

Seize, appease, deceive, die

Medusa, she`s staring at you

Medusa, with her eyes

Evil witch, cast her spell, seducing you

She`ll take you to the very depths of hell

cannot move, no eyes to see, a statue now

For all eternity Medusa laughs at you

And you`re her slave

Medusa, she`s staring at you

Medusa, with her eyes

Medusa, oh she`s cold
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