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Artillery - B.A.C.K.

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Albüm Adı:B.A.C.K.
Think about what you would do – if all prediction should come true
If we were meant to be erased – to dissapear without a trace
Nature tells us everywhere – soon we're running out of air
The resources are running dry – we don't even fuvking try

Can't you see we're running loose – when all we have to do it choose
Let's not make or children pay – millions die everyday
Poisoned by the food they eat – get even get a chunk of meat
The water in the well run dry – so all that we can do inside

Blowin' up the world
Anarchy unfurled
Chaos, mayhem, greed
Killin' our own breed

Brought to sudden death
As the rpophet said

[ reklamı gizle ]
Comin' from behind
Killin' own our kind

We toy with toxic pollution, we play with nuclear fusion
Take a look around it's everywhere you see
We breathe it, we taste it, we're slowly gettin wasted
There must be something somebody can do
It's vital, it's crucial, it's motherfucking fatal
We have to stop or we will erase ourselves
The men with the power, sittin' in their tower
We have to stop'em, or noone will survive

We have to realise our fate – we have no move it's note to late
It takes the help of everyone – this is much working to be done
The human race must change it's course – must saddle up another horse
If we don't the human race – will dissapera without a trace.
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