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Centurion - M.a.s.

Albüm Adı:Non Plus Ultra
Enormous killing ground
shredded and shattered white doves of peace
Supreme laugh on life and death
devoted soldiers to the imperial fairness
We'll march and the water will turn red by blood
Close the ranks M.A.S. loyalty honour and blood
Purifying fire light the roman pride for the fight
Close the ranks M.A.S. Caesar's high order of attack
purifying fire total persecution instant
Glaring solid eagles daring thunder and lighting of fate
freedom of braves until the last breath
We'll dominate fabulous final war
We'll march and the fields will turn red by blood
Imperious clump of war unprecedenting typhoon
marvellous bolds of Rome
born to laugh in the face of death
we'll march and the sky will turn red by blood
Heated famished men hungry for victory...war!
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