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Concrete Sun - D.a.n.u.b.e.

D&R'dan albümü incele
Albüm Adı:Sky Is High
Old enough for the shovel
But not yet for a grave
I'll remain 'till you say goodbye
To your perfect slave
Retreating in front of
My own obsession
To the perfection of a slave

Drowned and nailed me
Under bound ego

I'm still not giving up
A scar-riddled age
Teens and twenties

[ reklamı gizle ]
That went in a rage
Will you understand
Your perfect slave
You see me dying slowly
But you don't care

Drowned and nailed me
Under bound ego

Like a stone, broken down in pieces
It's just a shattered picture
And some pieces put together
Is all that's left
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