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Count Raven - P.s.i. Power

Albüm Adı:Messiah Of Confusion
I see through you, and there's more than one side of a human
I see through you, and there is nothing you can do
Doesn't matter what you do, there is no point in scheming
If you think that you can, you are only dreaming
I know everyone's mind
From my best friend to the maddest politician
I wish to leave it behind, but you know it ain't my decision
Everyone has a task, in life, and I know that this is mine
To tell the truth, and expose the thoughts of those who's lying

It is P.S.I. power, your mind has nowhere to hide
I read your mind like an open book, you can never lie

One thing is pride, that's the thing that hold a human together
They change like the tide, every day a new mask
This goes on forever
How can you go on? Even when you know we are fragile
Everyone, will be broken after a while
Facing the sun, and my Father I'm so sick of this lying
United as one, it can never be and I start crying

It is...

How can we believe, with our everyday lying
That we still can achieve
Something when other things we are denying
This theater of pain, which is our everyday occurrence
You should be ashamed, when you know your life expectancy
I see through you, it's P.S.I. power and I know your location
It's alien to you, but you are the alien to the whole creation

It is...
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