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Countess - A Battle In Darkness

Albüm Adı:The Revenge Of The Horned One Part I
The warriors are gathered the battle is nigh
Swords they do shine in the light of the moon
Banners are waving the fires are lit
A river of blood will soon flow through the wood

The clashing of metal on metal is heard
Steel cuts through flesh and bone mercilessly
Spears are flying and hatchets are swinging
Tonight steel decides who will live who will die

Thunder and lightning start lashing the night
The rain it doth mix with the blood and the sweat
Few are still standing yet battle goes on
Fight in the storm 'til the last foe is slain

Standing on corpses the warriors cheer
Hailing the Master who gave victory
Steel did prevail so did metal and might
The powers of darkness have conquered the light
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