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Deathstars - Cyanide

Albüm Adı:Decade Of Debauchery
This is the hand that will blind your eyes
And split your spine
This is the blade that'll visit your flesh
And release the wine

You play with toys that have triggers
And you hear the led moves near
You play with razors and it hurts, it hurts
As you invite your fears

So face the dark
And i'll teach you above fire
In the blink of an eye

- now drink the cyanide -

The worlds collide
And you know

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That it's pure filth
That i hide

On these plains there's a burning ruin
That must be found
On these plains there's a demon that sleeps.
It must be unbound

You run for the borders
Where epistles burn in the arms of man
You run among bodies and they scream,
They scream to bite god's hand

When the dark does what the dark does best,
It's darkness!
Let the dark do what the dark does best,
Let there be darkness!
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