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Fatal - M.o.b.

Albüm Adı:In the Line of Fire
Gönderen:Che Guevara
Verse one
I'm livin' in hell, where all these niggaz
got stories to tell, I be blasin't on these bitch niggaz
servin' well, and the company I keep, be the scum of the earth
body tated, hair matted, sellin' Key's if you fuck wit these
law breakin' niggaz scream, fuck the police
we gonna ball fo, the lil nigga shit
what the fuck you figure?
Timbaland boots, forty-fives wit nicket plates
findin' niggaz dead, bring'em home and I can't wait
if niggaz is real, then they ain't scared to split 'em
all that job-ownin' shit, fuck you,I ain't wit'em
Cuz, when I say jump, niggaz say
How high? or I stabb you in ya fuckin' eye
now let's get busy nigga

Yall niggaz, wanna ride tonight?
how many niggaz, in the house feel live tonight?
we get Money Over Bitches, cuz we ain't scared to die
live and die by the code, theres on reason why (2x)
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