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Flotsam - N.e. Terror

D&R'dan albümü incele
Albüm Adı:No Place for Disgrace
Gönderen:Che Guevara
Wake up to face another day of
Madness, the modern world at play.
Corruption, from white and blue alike,
Serenity is jeopardised.

Envoys are delt their hands.
Barter with their deadly plans for
Power they deal and trade
Compare the guns they made - big gun.

Secrets held from humanity.
Errors kept under lock and key
Mistrust, another people lost.
Red atomic double cross - twisted cross.

Famine, plagues the lands they rape,
As they spoon feed tv tape.
Bustling nations horde their rotting wheat,
Bloated tribesmen wither in the heat.
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