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Gang Starr - F.a.l.a.

Albüm Adı:Hard to Earn
Gönderen:Che Guevara
Fuck Around, Lay Around, do or die (3X)
"You figgedy fuck around, you lay around" --> Das EFX

[Big Shug]
Word to Joe Frazier, got ta do what pays ya
Give a nigga pain, like displasure
But close your hips in, nigga you can't win
I walk around, with a scowl and a grin

Parties try to rock me, chicks try to clock me
Niggaz try to block me, but they can't stop me
I'm a bad man, understand where I come from
Treatin niggaz dumb, as I drink my rum
I'm a mad man, I get respect with the Tec
Put punks in check, Shug's on the set
I'm the one with the game, the twelve round
CRACK to the concrete, from the underground
I'm a bad nigga, how do you figure to take me
You cannot break me, so don't mistake me
for your brother, I'm not a punk motherfucker see
I did my time, and now I'm FREE
I'm a dope one, ready to rip and wreck shop
I will not stop, I won't be dropped by the cops
I'm bad, understand me with the game I kick
I got crazy bitches like a Trojan on my dick

Yo Hobb we got more rep than Lucky Luciano
Suckers we wet to the sound of the dope piano

[ reklamı gizle ]
This is something you can't handle, here's one example
I got your head as a trophy up on the mantle
Each and every sect we wreck, the crowd's electrified
Mystified, you get dissed, when you try, you die
Fish niggaz, they get fried upon my skillet
I kill it, fuck it, my shit is on hit
and hittin you blaow (BLAOW) so what you wanna do now?
You stepped up, I whacked ya, you crept up, I smacked ya
Got infinite length, with the strength of a real master
If you don't bow down now you'll get plowed down now
You know, like POW

Fuck Around, Lay Around, do or die (3X)
So Fuck Around, Lay Around, do or die
Fuck Around, Lay Around, do or die (2X)
"You figgedy fuck around, you lay around" --> Das EFX

Word to Mike Tyson, hit you quick like lightnin
Swing my left jab first, and then come in with the right
Cold deck ya, nah I could never respect a
punk like you, you get dropped like one two
and you're out son, just like a one round bout son
The outcome, is that you'll get that ass hung
Easily, swiftly, you'ew stupid you can't get with me

Fuck Around, Lay Around, do or die (2X)
I said Fuck Around, Lay Around, do or die
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