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Heavy Heavy Low Low - H.d.eye Hybrid Cyborg

Albüm Adı:Turtle Nipple & The Toxic Shock
i walked over to the edge of space,
where mind and matter sip on gin.
oversimplified, i miss the way this used to be.
i like it natural but i understand your logic:
"nothing matters, nothing matters."
let's take the first step
in understanding that.

far less intelligent
than your counterparts,
it really hinders their progression.
really hinders their progression.

the corners of your mouth
have started pointing south
towards a black, black hole of pity
that engulfs all around it,
bringing new thought of self destruction.
nothing's wrong, it just looks that way.

jerk off till the end of time,
strap a chinese hooker to my side, oh fuck
a knocking five, it's a knocking five
satisfy the urges of my mind.

due to unverified claims,
there was no enhancements
no enhancements
made to the processes lost,
and it makes this,
oh it makes this so uncomfortable,
and we really need comfort above all things
above all things
above all things.
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