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Inferis - L.d.i.

Albüm Adı:Between Heaven And Hell
[L&M: Alarcon-Jorquera]

Living in the twilight
Screaming for vengance
With the force of the thunder
It defends our land

Hear your voice
Screaming into yourself
When the night
Falls in your life

Through the bloody fields
Covered with mist
Glory you'll feel
In your heart

Together we'll be stronger
We can go on until the end

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Our gods fighting our side
Fits raging adrenaline pumps


Here I want to fight
I want to shed my blood
Join the blood of heroes

Fate, written by the gods
Ain't no turning back
Sword and lances clashing

As the battle rages in the wind
I choose to taste victory or die

[Solo: Joshua & Felipe]

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