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Interfector - Buried Memories

Albüm Adı:The Force Within
Inner voice that breaks the silence
Tells the same old story again
Years have passed, but standing still
Frozen time reveals the pain

That seemed passed away
A long time ago
The same words I say
I don't want to be said

Buried memories came to life
Same moment transcended through time
I close my eyes and live it again
Search the answers that cannot be found


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In past where dark shadows
Won't reveal mistakes being made
Vacancy brought by the future
Will end this life again

...and I recall the past
Ancient grief echoes again
...and the echo will last
Through words never written
...but said
Once, but too much

...and I recall the past
Abyssus abyssum invocat
...and I wait for the rest
Aequat omnia cinis
Aeternum vale...
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