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Joe Perry Project - Life At A Glance

Albüm Adı:Let the Music Do the Talking
Joe Perry)
Driving' down the Mass. Pike 4 a.m.
Blue lights on behind it's my friend again
Scenery rushing by me I don't see anything
Headlong life is blinding you gonna find out in the end

Life at a glance
Your mind's in a trance
Life at a glance
Your life's just a chance
Life at a glance
It'll break your heart

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Well I'm sitting here waiting for a change of heart
And it feels just like my car won't start
My hands are full of broken glass
My wasted time is in my past


Time has come for you and me
To use what really sets us free
We'll try on wings of thoughts and dreams
And run through times of rhymes and schemes
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