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Joey Mcintyre - California

Albüm Adı:8:09
Trying to hook me up on the earpiece too
Yeah you keeping the 1st two wires or not*

I got a gig in California
Gonna make it big in California
Big lights, big dreams
It's all here for you

Everyone's a star in California
It's all about your car in California
Big rims, slim jims
Creeping up on ya
That's the way of life in California

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Won't you come my way
There's a place to stay in California
Now it's a funky dive, but when the guests arrive
You'll have the time of you life in California

It don't rain in California *southern*
There is always something for the pain in California
Cheap tricks, sweet chicks
Creeping up on ya
And now don't you say I didn't warn you
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