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Joey Mcintyre - L.A. Blue

Albüm Adı:8:09
LA Blue,
Momentarily got me down.
The more I think of you,
the more I hate this town.
and I hope to find my way back home real soon.
I need someone to cure my...

LA blue
How do I get around?
I don't wanna lose,
myself in the crowd.
Well I'm sorry if I ain't making the right moves.
I'm just stuck here in my...

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Maybe I'm crazy but I think I'm here to stay
Where my soul's 3,000 miles away
I don't need a million dollar deal to make me
Damn I miss you
I'd walk back to get you if I could
Can't stand another night in Hollywood
I need another way to open up my mind

It's not fair
How'd you get so far away
The more I imagine me there
The more the memories fade
And I won't be coming back anytime
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