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John Miles - C'est La Vie

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Albüm Adı:More Miles Per Hour
Breakin' my heart everytime I'm apart from my woman of stone,
You're my woman
But you're cool like ice in my brain.
I don't wanna stay but I can't get away you won't leave me alone,
I keep runninBut I soon come back here again.

Ooh you make me suffer,
Ooh but there's no other,
And I know it wouldn't ease my mind ,
I could never leave you far behind,
But things are getting better
Yes things are getting better.

C'est la vie,
C'est la vie,
All you can say to me is

[ reklamı gizle ]
C'est la vie.
But girl you know you make me wonder,
Everytime you push me under,
All you can say to me is
C'est la vie.

Somebody said that I'm losin' my head but it's already gone,
What a woman,
And I just don't know you at all.
Who do I blame it's a sin not a shame you keep turning me on ,
You got something
And I'm always there when you call.

Ooh you make me suffer,
Ooh but there's no other.
So no matter what the people say,
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