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Jon B. - I Ain't Going Out

Albüm Adı:Cool Relax
They're calling me up what's the move
What time am I linking up with the crew
It's supposed to be lined up the place is packed
But I got something holding me back
See my baby's got some arrangements
So I might have to miss y'alls engagements
Yes I'm sorry but I ain't going out like that yeah

Pre Chorus:
Cause tonight see it's on
There ain't nothing going on but love
Yes tonight I'd rather be getting down In the bedroom instead of the town

Fellas I ain't going out
Cause my ol' lady's showing me how
She likes to keep me in the house
To do my homework
She's speakin' that we can make love
And won't stop until we get enough
So that sure as hell means
That I ain't going nowhere
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