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Judith Christie Mcallister - A Beautiful Day

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Albüm Adı:Raise the Praise
(Verse One)
In the morning when I rise I lift my hands and say:
"Thank You for another chance to give Your name the praise"
Through my day I bring to mind how good you've been to me
Given me so many gifts like friends and family

So it's a day - full of life
It's a day - full of hope
It's day - full of joy, so I thank You

It's a beautiful day
This is the day the Lord has made rejoice

[ reklamı gizle ]
It's a beautiful day
Rejoice in the Lord and be glad
It's a beautiful day
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Verse Two)
In the evening I lay down and think about my day
In how every circumstance you've opened up the way
"Thank You Jesus" from my lips with grateful heart I'll say
In spite of all I'm thankful that You've given me one more day
It was a day - that could have got me down
It was a day - I could have chosen to frown
It was a day - that I made up my mind to...Thank You!
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