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Jump - B-13

D&R'dan albümü incele
Albüm Adı:Magazine
There is a place for me
Far, far away
On a distant moon,
Or on a silver screen.
With the perfect life,
Where you never die.
You just press rewind.

There is a place for me,
Far, far away
On a distant screen,
Or on a silver moon.
Stolen late one night,
With arms held high,

[ reklamı gizle ]
Screaming "take me away."

I could watch you a thousand times,
Row B, Seat 13.
Half a ticket in the silver light.
An entire universe between.

There is a place for me.
Far, far away.
Someone else's dream.
Born in a magazine.
Postered over your bed,
Put your hands to your head.
Screaming "take me away."
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