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Kano - P?s and Q?s

Albüm Adı:MC No. 1
Some manners dont like me,
They try and bad mind me.
When Kano comes to town,
All i say is mines right,
And they use the limelight,
When Kano comes around,
Some try ta screw me
or even sue me,
but it dont work coz the crowd dont boo me,
You aint a true G,
I'm too deep how can Kano stay underground,
I aint like most that roll around,
And kick shit off i hold it down,
But we're still gully, the only Pop you'll hear from us is,
Den were out,
Act up and get bopped in tha mouth,
Coz your just playing a gangsta,
Never weighed it out, feel the bounce
You aint ever hit no blocks in ya mouth,
You aint got loving north west and south,
N Im a east boy, ya a chief boy,
I finish shit when ya starting the beef boy,
girls like me but I aint a sweet boy,
So boy dont think ya can move to me, and think I'll be asleep boy,
Coz Im on ma P's and Q's, thats guna make more P's than U's,
Even when Im in 3's and 2's, Slip there aint no reason to,
Slipping, If there aint a blitz between the clique thats slippin,
no whip out the manner linking chicks thas slipping
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