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Kasabian - L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)

Albüm Adı:Kasabian
I'm on it, get on it
The troops are on fire!
Ya know i need it, much closer
I'm trading (or treading) just a little more
Step on it, electronic
The troops are on fire!
I'm much deeper, a sleeper
Waiting for the vinyl trip

Come on it, get on it
I'm carving thru a letterbomb
I need it, like potions
These drugs are just an hour away

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Come on it, electronic
A polyphonic prostitute, the motor's on fire
Messiah for the animals

Ahhh, oh come on!
We got our backs to the wall!
Get on!
And watch out!
Sayin, "yer gonna kill us all!"

Ahhh...i'm on it, get on it
The troops are on fire!
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