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Madball - H.c. United

Albüm Adı:Legacy [Bonus DVD]
I dont believe in this segregation
This seperation is not a part of our scene
We're a part of the same thing
What ever happened to unity?

Dont point your fingers in any direction
We all have different beliefs
That's just a fact of life, reality
Who do you think you are with that elitist mentality?

Live your own life!
Dont be the judge of me
Think twice!
Before you tell me how to be

[ reklamı gizle ]
Whose right whose wrong doesn't matter to me!
It's my life!
So dont say nothin

I hope you're listening, pay attention
I'm not one to preach, but if you believe these words
Then listen carefully
I'll tell you what i don't believe

I don't believe in descrimination
I don't judge by look,
What you eat or drink doesn't matter to me
It's about respect, equality
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