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Mark Collie - Hard Lovin' Woman

Albüm Adı:Unleashed
Everybody said Bobby was a little hard-headed.
If there ever was a book on love, Bobby never read it.
Suzy was a poor boy's dream in a high school sweater.
She was ready to run but her Daddy wouldn't let her.
She told her Momma how she loved her man,
She said: "Daddy don't understand."
While she was cryin', Momma shook her head.
She took her by the hand and said:

"It takes a hard lovin' woman;
"Takes a hard lovin' woman;
"Takes a hard lovin' woman,
"To love a hard-headed man."

Bobby got a job at the west end fillin' station.
He was savin' for a diamond ring after graduation.
Suzy's old man came by for some gas and water.
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