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Master P - Y'all Don't Want None

Albüm Adı:Only God Can Judge Me
[Master P]
This goes to all y'all BITCH ASS niggaz
that got the motherfuckin game twisted
Get it how you live, hehehehe

UH-OHHHHHHHHHH! (Hoody hoooo!)
It's on!

[Master P] - repeat 6X
It's on now nigga we ready (it's on!)

I'm on the block, and I keep my nine cocked
I got a problem - it's handled, with some automatic shots
See I'm a thug - and I love to smoke weed
And I'm a hustler - that mean I love to serve fiends
I'm from the 3rd Ward, Callio', and I'ma represent it
You don't know me? You better stay out of my business
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