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Masters Of Reality - J.b. Witchdance

Albüm Adı:Sunrise on the Sufferbus
It was just a year ago on a full moon night
I was out walking on the moonshine
Fell in a boneyard in a shadow on the right
I saw naked witches dancing in the moonlight

I couldn't just say no (you see I got no place to go)
So I hid behind a tombstone fascinated by the sight
The I heard her call my name, 'J.B.' she called again
Come join the witches dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the silver glow, you see the wind begin to blow
Young angels knelt before me in the moonlight
The hands that beckoned me drew me in to see
I was dancing with the witches in the moonlight

When I was young I didn't know
The summer days seemed 25 years long Now I ain't no wiser but I know
That it's a drag to be alone
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