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Shadows Land - L.u.x. - N.o.x.

Albüm Adı:Terminus Ante Quem
[Music: Aro & Lyrics: Saymoon]

Higher, higher and higher
I raise my hands towards a Dog-Star
Harder, harder and harder
to touch the Absolute gates
Deeper, deeper and deeper
I turn my eyes to the inside
To see embodiment of the five senses

I draw a circle with a wand's end
Hexagrams' blades I want to turn loose
In all four directions
And to break loose free

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Come, come closer
To join in Sacrament
Lay down in rosecross sign
My name is L.U.X, her name is N.O.X

Ritual space opens its arms
Let nothing be forbidden
Good-bye, trimorphic god
being fed by the weakness of your faithful ones

In a gold chalice I rise nectar
from sperm and her vaginal discharge
Let's drink, drink my sweet child
to the glory of Ancient Gods from stars
who initiated our race...
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