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Shayne Ward - U Got Me So

D&R'dan albümü incele
Albüm Adı:Breathless
Excuse me girl can I talk to you
Maybe get you rname and number too
I don't mean to be blunt but baby
I know that i've got the thing you need
Say what you want and I can make sure
you get it on the count of three
We can move slow or we can move fast
To get to it right away
You must've known with a body like that
I'd go insane

You got me so
So hooked on
Every little thing you do
Has got me so
So turned on
Let me take a look at you
Without a doubt
I'm higher now
Girl I'm higher now
Every little thing about you has got me so

[ reklamı gizle ]

Girl you got me so got me hooked on you
And I'm so turned on by the things you do
It's OK to be shy but don't you deny that I got
That thing you need
I'll say what I want and you can make sure
I get it on the count of three
A pretty face on a body like that
Don't come along every day
Maybe I'm over confident but
You'll say me name

Say my name


I can tell I'm good for you
I can tell you see it too
When you wanna leave tonight
Should we go to yours or mine

[Chorus x2]
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