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2x4 - Daggers

Albüm Adı:Dark Hand
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[feat. Jorge Sotomayer Of Adaliah]

Ive seen the dagger in far to many backs
Careless were my words
The only thing id take back
I was sick and I know why
I had not become my fathers son
In my own eyes

Broken I lay wondering where I went wrong
Hatred has kept me blind all this time

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And I just wish
I just wish I never did this too myself

Self-inflicted pain has made me a new man
Lessons learned and another life saved.

Never again will I let this take over
Never again will I have this thorn in my side
I am a better man, I am a changed man
my past a constant reminder of how I used to be
I'm far from perfect, but farther than my old chains
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