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77 Bombay Street - Wake Me Up

Albüm Adı:Oko Town
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Gonna save the world today
aliens take me away
the whole world seems to be a disaster
i run run run but ican't get faster
i can fly when i'm spreading my arms and
i never die and i never get harmed and
i'm gonna savethe princess and the queen
and all i wannado forever dream
wake me up in the morning
until then my lifeisn't boring
and if you don't mind then let me stay

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i'drather keep sleeping all day
i'm gonna make it to the mountain top
i'm gonnado it like james bond i'm a lover
ridingon the back of a blue dragon breed
diving in theocean where the mermaids meet
i'm flying on like this song around the world
while i am staying right here
in your bed let the fever fairy popmy head
and if you can catch up with mewe're gonna save the world
if you just lie in my arms
no one stops us from flying up to the stars
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