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Afterlife - Screams Of Suffocation

Albüm Adı:Sounding The Seventh Trumpet
Yeni Şarkı Eklemek İçin Tıklayın Şarkı Ekle      Hata DüzeltHata Düzelt
Words of my appritiation
Will never come out trough
My screams of suffocation
I tried to reach to you

But my mind is lacking wisdom
In anger I Sream and shout
No escape from this prison
Come closer, let me out!

Our eyes are slowly burning
No way, I don't pretend
Trough me you're all returning The future, a painful end

Yeah! My heart is bleeding
Oooh! Of the love I'm needing

See the world with my own two eyes
The apron string is clipped
Trough the air I feel the sparks fly
My mortal soal's been ripped

You no longer need attention
A flaire twists, the half devides
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