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Alone In The Morgue - Drowning Your Demise

Albüm Adı:The Coroner's Report
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No one can hear you scream from this distance
Just pure nothing amoungst you
how sweet the stench is of your demise

You hear my footsteps closing in more and more
I will find you so theres no point in hiding

Now that I've found you I shall make it worth your while
dragging you to your shallow grave
streamline of tears runs down your face
now that I've found you I shall make it worth your while

Bound and gagged
to keep you silenced
my chainsaw yearns
to rape your carcass
scalpel gleaming
in the midst of darkness
urging itself
to seperate your flesh
Your eyes are getting heavier with every breath u take
your heart begins to race overrun with fear
my knife carves you from sternum to abdomen
flesh and organs ripped from their origin

Convulsing from massive trauma to your heart
you feel every inch of the blade as it sears your flesh
hell lies below awaiting your arrival

Dragging you to your shallow grave
trails of death lead to your bloody hollow
body getting colder with every second
that passes

Beg, cry and plea
it gets you nowhere
no witnesses
its like you never existed
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