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Alpha - Rain

Albüm Adı:Come From Heaven
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Wendy Stubbs :
I stare, I tear, I creep, sleep
I taste your breath, your lips sweet
I will be there to feel.
Tripping, falling, sailing by
Beyond the wind in the sky
I will be there to free your mind.
It`s you I see in slumber
It`s you I see in sleep
It`s you I see in my dreams
It`s you, it`s you, it`s me.
It`s you.
Rolling on the ground with
Sailing on the sea

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Tripping in the grass
Oh, to do with you
Oh well, oh well, nevermind
I wouldn`t have care.
Dazing, glazing, amazing
Frozen moments
Crazy thing
Another moment to,
Know that you never
Get out of my way
I`m coming through
Wheels splayed out looking for,
Someting new,
I`m crazy guy with the missing hue.
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