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Anvil - Waiting

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Seems no matter what I do

I end up standing in line

I find myself in another queue

Give me some cheese for my wine

It doesn`t matter where you go

It`s always the same old thing

Feels like roots will begin to grow

When it`s winter it will soon be spring

Caught in another traffic jam

The bank teller`s broken a nail

You know I really don`t give a damn

The cheque is in the mail

They said they`d pay me yesterday

I know it`s always late

Just another wasted day

You`ve got to hurry up and wait

Waiting, waiting, always someone in front of you

Waiting, waiting

Waiting, waiting, it`s something I hate to do

Waiting, waiting

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Take a number, stand in line

That`s what you must do

I`ve had enough, I have no time

Won`t you tell me something new?

The waiting game has its rules

That you can`t defy

I always seem to lose my cool

I`ll be waiting until I die

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