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Avıchı - I Am The Adversary

Albüm Adı:Catharsis Absolute
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"It is true I do not live by bread alone,
But by the spirit of god
This power sustains me; indeed it,
Emanates from my very center,
Unilluminating and foreboding

The vexation of all my strife
A blackness more profound than the night
There I dwell beyond time and space
There I lurk isolated in hate

My bitterness hath no limit,
Nor need it have any at all
Let malice have its way,
And bring my soul unto its fall
No despair shall asunder,
My resolve to embrace what is dark

I remember what once was radiant,
And I remember its diminishment
Fainter, ever weaker, did it glow,
Until against the void it became only
a shallow hope

I hear the thoughts of those,
Near to me yet far away
Each calls to me from his own hell
Each prayer fills me with great aspiration!"

[Fallen Angels:]

"This gloom, be what it may,
Shall not hinder our will to devastate
For there is always a greater void, To discover and embrace

Onwards into darkness,
Where the fury of our Lord awaits!

Our wickedness is deeply ingrained
Our joy towards which we mediate
Are we not the emanations of the supreme?
The cadence of his Satanic Majesty?"


"Oh fallen below flesh!
Brothers in darkness!
Angelic and now the demonic!

Thy thoughts doth bear truths,
By which stars shall now move
Before us shall all light now subdue

Know that I am wickedness,
Initiating Nemesis,
Damnation become limitless!

All returns unto me,
In monadic divinity,
As I am the Adversary

Supreme deification,
By my own volition,
Exalting myself above all of creation

I am the highest way,
To Mercy's dismay
Seething within you endlessly."
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