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Azizi Gibson - Ghost In The Shell

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Make sure you keep it trill
Take care of mom and pay for them bills
Travel the world and smoke on that kill
Now you want to gang bang? Shit, you get yourself killed
Protect myself even with my steel
Don't need to be a thug yeah I know the fucking deal
Whether we was living in heaven or hell
Ima pop these niggas I ain't going nowhere
Saved my father from Harlem
Strollers what they called them
He introduced me to music
Now look at me just stupid
I thank my God for my last bitch
Not to mention my new bitch
And the girl I met last week
And the girl I'm about to go through sheets
Roll down the window let's ride
I'm down to drive and until we die
Re-live life through a set of new eyes
G code real you don't even got to cry
Cut through the bullshit with no knifes
Be smart nigga don't grab your nine
You know what It sound when your mother is dying
That's when we kill everyone who say say they're on their grind
Ignorant I might be, and a tad bit naive
Cause my little niggas dying when they ain't learn how to squeeze
Everybody's taking shots but I ain't heard the word cheese
(Fucked up)
They shooting all my niggas before they say the words
(Bang bang)
(Put your hands up)

This world we living
(Nigga said I can't even bring the homie back)
Has got me spinning
(Fucked up, right?)
I only think of sinning
(But yet)
I need forgiveness
(I'm still gonna roll this motherfucking blunt)
This world we living
(Still not gonna give a shit either)
Has got me spinning
(Fuck the law you can lick my balls bitch)
Only think of sinning
I need forgiveness

Azizi Gibson is a motherfucking product of his environment
That four world, that body shit
Them palm trees and indicas
We lay back and get high as fuuuuuhhck
We some Sasuke niggas no changing us
Like Naruto what, finna fuck shit up [?]
This world we live in got me spinning
Only thing I'm worried about is sinning
Need forgiveness, fuck these bitches
Only thing I'm worried about it winning
Pay your bullshit, live in a cool whip
Only thing I'm worried about is moving
I'm not quiet I'm no pirate
Only thing I'm worried about is booty
Better call me campo got a heart of steel and as soul that's hallow
Two a.m. finna find me a taco
Let the club with two hoes that'll swallow
Now we at my place drinking on a bottle
Twenty minutes later I be fucking these models
Story of my night
Fuck that
Story of my life
Round hard day shit happen all the time
Can't see the light cause a nigga so blind
With my telekinesis ima tap into your mind Solve all your problems and even help mine
Ima catch up on my manga
Write a few rhymes
Hit a little weed and then I hit a few lines
Look into the mirror and call myself God
Don't believe in magic I'm the wizard of OZ
Mother Fucker

This world we living
Has got me spinning
(Mother fucker)
I only think of sinning
(I said ride out, ride out, ride out)
I need forgiveness
(Mother fucker)
This world we living
(Ride out, ride out)
Has got me spinning
(Motherfuckers, I feel more things about Z)
I only think of sinning
(PreHistoric Brainfeeder Motherfucker)
God dmmmnit my nigga I need forgiveness

Ramen Noodles, purple drank (what?)
Shit, you talking about dinner nigga (oh)
Loufy, Torico (what's that?)
Shit you talking about niggas (ow!)
While I'm real and you fake
Watch how you raise your children (ain't that a bitch)
I'm from Thailand and Singapore
God damn let's talk about living, so
But anyways I've been getting paid
I'll be to say all the gay
All up In my way, like barricade, very brave
But it still remains
Ya'll get slaved
Pen and Paid&pad
Needa wright down what a nigga say
Very plain
Needa smoke cause [?] this mary jane
Get a nigga high in the game
You gon be a lame
Go back to school you a hoe get some better grades
Girl can't suck dick, need to get some better brain
Keep it low key
Anytime you mention me
Cause they all want my head
In my eyes they hate that I'm free
And they all create these lies
They make us die, you don't believe me
Then you might as well pay me
Cause this info not for free
You'll see, you'll shit your pants
You'll learn to fuck with everything
I'm a king
I could care less what you think
So shut the fuck up
Suck a niggas dick
You stink
(Hahaha, duke, hahah)

This world we living
Has got me spinning
I only think of sinning
I need forgiveness
This world we living
Has got me spinning
I only think of sinning
God damn my nigga I need forgiveness
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