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Azizi Gibson - Gold On Black

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Yeah, that classic motha fucker

I used to roll dice with them older fools
The one's that said "fuck school" and that drugs rule
Now look at me, I fuck hoes and drink booze and watch law and order
Like nigga fuck a blues clues
No bullshit, but wasn't it like yesterday
When I was rapping on the block, talking bout better days
Like... (inhale) I wish we was getting paid
Real shit, nigga pH till the fucking grave
Prehistoric, bitch, even in the fucking game
Your just mad niggas don't even know your fucking name
You can rock your name big as shit on a fake chain
That just shows that you're lame. What do you gain?
God, Z, yeah I go by two names
Speak English for a life, fuck is you saying?
Dried up fruits, what are you, raisins?
Boy I'm too faded, I need two ladies
Okay, Azizi on the mic though
Had to say it twice for them hoes that just don't know
I'm draggin&dragon in the vans, I should go by Komodo
I say dope shit, don't choke on your Ho-Ho
Wait till I start telling stories bout my life though
That's something niggas should all stick around for
(They got) Lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my! A bunch of bails of weed, oh my God, we're getting high!
Hello, welcome to my palace
Where my niggas got swag, we don't even pay a stylist
We too turnt up, better hope we don't get violent
Everything we do is hot, give a fuck about the climate
Better watch it, better yet time it
And if he think he hot, let my niggas go remind him
We already see it, no point of hiding (Azizi Gibson, bitch!)
And if you want to be like that, die bitch
Fake niggas trynna sip up on my bubbly
Say they knew me from the past, they ain't friends with Z
But knowing me I treat them like their enemies
If she want another chance, say get on her knees
Call me king, bitch please
Then I flee with the speed of a jet ski
Gretzky Wayne&weighing in on the rap heat
Duck feet. You a doctor or a quack G?
Elevated cause I'm smoking kush, reading books
Trynna get smarter, stealing knowledge, I'm a real crook
Should change the game, but I'm chilling like a G should
Wait, hold up... shit, I meant to say Z should
Tsunami rap library, I'm a fucking flood
Hallucinate my ass, I'm a real drug
God damn! You real dumb
But come over if you want some
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