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Azizi Gibson - Good Morning Pimp

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(Good morning, Pimp Zizi!)

It's Azizi, bitch!

Bend that ass over lemme eat it from the back
That pussy so good have a nigga comin' back

When I wake up I got 4 bad bitches butt naked in my bed
One givin' me head, second one makin' me eggs
Third's pickin' out my threads, fourth probably shavin' her legs
So, I hop up out the sheets, I brush my teeth, and smoke this med
Got a call from mom she like 'How the business comin'? Don't trip, because yo lil' niggas makin' money
Then she heard a sound, she said 'What is that honey? I said 'Mom once again don't trip that's my moneyI tell tales of a pimp
Tell a ho here it is
If you wanna make a dollaCome holla at yo kid
Need a body on 10 with a face on 6
We could hit the corner we could really see if you could trick
Don't say shit bitch, don't give me no lip
Just give me that cash when you suckin that dick
Ima give you 25 then I roll a big spliff
Fuck pairin' nigga you don't get shit

Nigga that's some pimp shit
Family first then friends
Nigga that's some G shit (Forever)
Fuck a 9 to 5
Got a handful of dimes
That'll suck you 'til you empty
Bitch suck a dick
We the shit fuck yo clique
I'm all about the pimpinNow nigga listen to my man say
Bend that ass over lemme eat it from the back
That pussy so good have a nigga comin' back

Okay, okay
Mama mia
When I look at you you look like comida
Ima cocky-ass nigga I'm a Libra
I never said that I would stay I plan to leave ya
I'll be pimpin' hoes until Christ kills
Said it beat me up like NyQuil
I'm quite trill, but I'm mo' pimp
Nigga no Blood, no Crip
Just P H that's my clique
Brainfeeder is what raised me
So tune in to me like Murphy
While she gargle up what you squirtinIf it hurt bitch, your self-esteem
Couldn't care less 'cause I'm so mean
I'll sell the coochie, she 17
Then hit it soon as she 18
Ain't shit gonna replace me, we dope fiends creating
This world that keeps spinning, through music and pimping
Now it's the PreHistoric mothafuckas
Everybody in this bitch know
We intelligent and relevant
And been all around the Globe
Yes I did work at the Grove
But there's some shit that you don't know

To keep it short:
I'm a beast
You a muthafuckin' ho
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