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Azizi Gibson - Party Woman

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Yeah so we hit the function, we just rollin up, chillin' on the wall
Drinkin' a 40 or some pimp shit
So I see shawty she across the way she just eye-fuckin' the shit out of me
So you know I grab my balls I walked over there
She with her friends and shit but as soon as I spoke to her
She lift up her hand like "Errr"

You little bourgeois bitch
Or Miss 'sneak into the bathroom do coke with yo chicks
Or I'll only suck a dick if the mothafucka's rich
And I wouldn't say I strip
What these niggas givin' me is tips
Then it gets to the point where I quit
Cause I realize
She a bourgeois bitch (I came to fuck shit up!)

And get too high
Get too fried
Get rid of all these mothafuckin' nuts
That I've got inside saved up for these hoes
Don't lie tell me what's up?
Girlfriend my eyes on your thighs
Can't look away
I'm trynna fuck
C-U-T let's cut
If not [?]
(I came to fuck shit up!
I see the world with my dick!)

And I don't know the difference 'tween a girl and a bitch
Is she a ho well then tell her I don't give a shit
I guess that's why God gave us big dicks (Aha!)
Ey bitch what the deal-o?
I been smokin herb even with my P.O
PH dawg my killa no dino
Hoes trynna get saved fuck it might hero
Naw I'm more like a geo
It's always crunch time we be soundin' like some Cheetos
I'm insane in the membrane call me Breal
Ima big problem can't be little
Center of the party no monkey in the middle
Talk to my fist if you niggas got issues
Liquor in my system nigga tell me whatchu wanna do
Beat you to a pulp fuck your bitch toss a lateral straight to my man

Meet Dave, at the party with the rest of the folks He noticed that someone is goin' smack at his bitch (Wassup bitch)
Thinking he has some balls
He walks up to him (Hey we should go somewhere private)
Azizi Gibson turns around
'Yo what the fuck do you want nigga?
[Verse 2]
Now 'fuck you gonna do cause
Its my party my house and you see my niggas bruh
So if you gonna swing then swing (bink bink) we done witcha
Now everybody happy in the party cause we just knocked out some punk
Doin' body shots sniffin' rocks [?] thinkin' what's wrong with us?
Hey it's a 20 blunt session
If you don't get high you just one strong Christian
[?] 1 sin away from dying for no reason
Go too hard and a white man greedy
Yo who dat? Mothafucka I'm Zizi
Creator of the rap and I'm back for the taking
[?] but fuck why is you hating?
And I just got a whip Ima put it on NAW
I ain't that type of rapper y'all
Ching ching with the bling bling no not at all
I just need a bad bitch with the legs Amazon
Make momma proud before she'll go she'll have it all

I don't give a fuck, my generation cuss a lot! [x4]

Uhh but there ain't shit that I can do
Except spark a blunt when the music starts fooI'm playin' my part can't say about you
I bet you as a sperm I was on my moves
I overlapped you in a race head into the tubes
Genesis ever since then you lose
Doesn't that make you? like you saw a bug you allergic to

(Is that a fuckin' spider bro? Fuuuck, I fuckin' hate spiders
Shit we're leaving this party. Fuckin' punk-ass PreHistoric boys)

Bitch you a muthafuckin' slut
Yea it's cool with me, yea it's cool with me
You can break all the shit in my crib
Yea it's cool with me, yea it's cool with me
As long as you clean that shit
Yea it's cool with me, yea it's cool with me
I'll even match yo ass on a spliff
You ain't as cool as me, you ain't as cool as me
Bitch you a muthafuckin' slut
But it's cool with me
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