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Azizi Gibson - R.i.p.

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When a nigga stay better hide ya shit
Or he'll take your chain and your bike from ya
And if they're real cold, maybe life in ya
I hope you walk around with Christ and stuff
We ain't that dark nigga lighten up
Light a blunt, let's get crunk
And if that ass hungry make some lunch
What the fuck, I ain't yo moms
Girl you don't gotta listen
And honestly I whipser here to show you what you missing
Like that girls to christmas
And I'm shitting on yo shippments
Got a package for you women

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Wait til she unzip it, girl I hope you like a big dick
[?] Then she slaps me senseless
But fuck it I'm still winning, still making these benji's
Still the one you envy, still covering hickeys
Still wearing my dickies, while I'm still rocking a [?]
But what I do is no magic it's just good weed and some practice
And this shit turned to a a habit, tryna get big, I'm going Hagrid
It's so hard to hide this dragon, I say shit you can't imagine
If you stupid, you can't fathom, all you niggas is some faggots
This is why I'm a leader, cause I'm off my Aaliyah
Let's get fly and tell them see ya, Rest in Peace to all my divas
It's for you I blow this sheeba, for you idiots that's reefer
Whatever you niggas prefer, I hope you haters have a seizure, bitch
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