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Blinded By Faith - Alone

Albüm Adı:Chernobyl Survivor
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Your grew old and grey, alone in your corner
Time passed by so fast, life's now far behind
Every hour is dull, you wither away day by day
With loneliness, time to kill, wounds to heal

Memories are all that remains now pictures on the wall
Sand in your hands, dust in the wind, ghosts of what was
Children, they are all across the universe it seems
But never here, or almost, mere presence in your head

You spend your days between your bed and the toilet
Longing for what you just cannot define
You weep or stand still, alone with your bones
And uncertainty as nightmares unfold
Soon, you won't even remember your name
The stories will remain locked in your brain
Nailed to your sickbed, understanding nothing
Surrounded by strangers, their cold hands on you

They ll feed and wash you, cold carcass
Simply existing, deprived of the sparkle
They won't answer your questions, you won't ask
Who are you? Where am I? Will it end?

And you ll leave the hospital one bleak morning
To be buried in an anonymous graveyard
Under a pale tombstone and different skies
Forever forgotten in the arms of silence
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