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C Murder - Riders

Albüm Adı:Life Or Death
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Niggas (what?)
Would you ride for the cause? (hell yeah!)
Would you die for the cause? (fuckin right!)
So how many niggas ready to die for me? (we riders!)

My name manifest pain to my enemies
Holla C-Murder and bring bitches to they knees
Violent killers ready for blood marches
Convicted murderers with open drug charges
Strapped with semi autos and fo fo's
And nickle plated snub nose M11's and Calicos
We made niggas, raised in ghetto's and slums
Totin Egyptian AK's, hundred round dums
Shoot first, and leave 'em standing in they shoes
We TRU niggas, bounded by blood and tatoos
Infiltrating my click, fool it aint gon' happen
Us niggas been gettin paid before we started rapping
Situation getting sticky, call my dawgs on the phone
Here comes the brigade, aiming straight for ya dome
Aint No Limit to the motherfucking pain we inflict
We rowdy, many niggas in the TRU click

We riders
No Limit niggas We riders
We TRU niggas
We riders
We real niggas
We riders
We thug niggas (2X)

How many niggas wanna ride and get paid
I plan to sell a hundred million records before I'm dead
Gangstas make the world go round
But TRU niggas make gangsta shit go down
We come in your set flip your dope and get rich
Take over your block and your spot with number one hits
Money and power, ha, give me the world
Cause after dollars no cents, only time will tell
Ha, I'm goin through somethangs, fool, so stop hatin
You live for weed and money, I live for greens and bacon
And I aint takin no shorts with my ghetto d
I stick to plan B and keep my eyes on my enemies
And if you want some nigga come and get some
We ride bourbans and llacs when its time to attack
So throw 'em up if you a real soldier
I'll make you say uhhhhh, I thought I told ya

Chorus 2X
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