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Candiria - Mathematics

Albüm Adı:The Process Of Self-Development
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global blinding has come in full
suffocate the remaining percent
all is expendable
a thousand points of heat
bacteria son of disease
mourning breath ammonia thirst quenching leach
tapping the network of veins
genetic harvest in vain
licking the wounds uncontrollably
systems of gain
sour heart reeks casualties

all the bread has molded fungus dwells inside
convincing with their graphic pride
the mask that suffocates bleeds in me
all is to believe but we are pawns poisoned
in quantities
arsenic hysteria
like fleas on a dog irritating
microwave insomnia
no strength
no heart
no option
blugeoned with diversions
concentrated dose
exterminate the addiction
high vantage point
chlorine infliction death
no microchip
shall rest underneath my flesh
i'd prefer the obstacles of death
i will fill the tombs worthy of consequence

epileptic cancer causing agents starved
lack of nutrition
will you live this life on calloused knees?
neck broken in?
particles of mass deception forced in
corrosive sting
the all seeing eye sees all
the most relevant faction
foundations fractured
economic death
sarcastic devotion runs in excess
sew my lips and burn my opened eyes
one soul divine
the engines are running mind altering
the most vile of things
man has ever seen
to know all these
my eyes are leaking viciously
dissecting the harsh anatomy

the devils suck the life out
injecting america with blood disease
the reason and cause my friend, no room for vacancy
decrease the numbers with crack and poverty
cling to this massacre of excuses
fully aware of the hidden agendas

silent warfare germ gestapo
all of the seeds condemned
controlling and disabled
the greed infection in disguise
behold united lambs of slavery
rhythm of extremities amplifies
the source is nameless
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