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Carceri - Beneath Me

Albüm Adı:The Good Must Suffer The Wicked
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I am twice your age, but you don't want to see
Height of naivety, as only real young girls can be
Kiss kiss I love you, no I love you more
Begging, pleading me to stop pushing on your gasping throat

A blossoming youthfulness is so arousing to me
You're so easy to break
Don't you realize that I won't stop?
A nose is easy to break

You fulfil my wildest dreams
Now I finally understand the real pride of ownership
I control you from the mouth down

Get on your hands and feet for me
Urinating on the floor and barking like a little dog
I control you from the mouth down

Give me your anus
Feed from my penis

Cute little sobs for help make everything complete
Lesson for today, a lizard has no empathy
Damsel in distress, you certainly fit the part For you it's good to know that life sometimes can be,
To cruel, to hard

Pushing though your psyche
Your mother would be so proud
You're truly beneath me
Ravaging your psyche
Faecal froth foams from the mouth
I want you to swallow my pee
Cry for me delicately

Looking up inside of me
Mana from my colon
Nauseating romance
Eating chunks from me

Butterfly, you've become, crawling from your pupa
Not just the girl next door
Now so much more then you were before
A new white human toilet

Come lick my anus
Beg me, Beg me, Beg for me
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