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Celldweller - Stay With Me (Unlikely)

Albüm Adı:The Beta Cessions
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Sick of this mind and the games it plays
Mental enemies want to push me back again
Here they come running wanting me up on that
Tree crucified (wait a minute)
Whatever words they say (me who said it)
Whomever they betray (me who did it)
Whenever they're awake it makes me die
There's so much on my mind-we're given so little
Time--there's no way to hold on as it passes by--
So lead me into denial-help me forget for awhile
Stay with me, please don't go-if you want to be
Alone stay with me, please
I don't have much else to say (unlikely)
I'd rather you go away (unlikely)
I don't need something from you (unlikely)
Though some say I will heal over time, it doesn't
Seem too likely
It seems unlikely
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